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October 18th - Boards of Review

The next Troop 149 Boards of Review (BORs) will be held on Monday, October 18th at the church. BORs are brief meetings in which a Scout discusses his rank advancement with three adults from the troop.  Scoutmaster conferences must be completed before the BORs, which are the last step for a scout to advance in rank.

Below are three sign up links:

  1. One for scouts hoping to advance to Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, or 1st Class
  2. Another for scouts advancing to Star or Life Scout.
  3. One for parent volunteers whom we need to sit on the panels.

There is also a link that will take you to a webpage that will provide more info on the BOR process.

We encourage parents to volunteer to sit on the panels. Experienced Chairpersons will lead each panel such that no prior experience is required for the other panelists.  This is a good way to meet more of the Troop and better understand the different ranks. Troop 149's website has further information and a guide for board of reviews for adults new to these panels. Please volunteer!



Canopy Tour / Via Ferrata Campout - October 2021

The second campout of the 2021-22 Scouting year will be a Canopy Tour / Via Ferrata campout located in the Potomac Highlands in West Virginia.  Canopy Tours will have you zip lining through 12 zip lines as long as 680 feet in length, and 80 feet in the air, 3 sky bridges and a 40 foot rappel.  Via Ferrata offers  a mile of fixed-anchor, professionally-guided rock climbing. During this 3.5-5 hour climb you’ll gain 1085 feet in elevation, cross a suspension bridge that is 150 feet high and 200 feet long, and reach exposed heights of 280 feet.

Marine Corps Marathon Water Stop — Service Project

Sunday, October 31. 5 solid hours of service

Guns & Arrows 2021

Read for specifics and important requirements to attend!

Eagle Scout Project for Noah Reiner

Saturday August 7 and Sunday August 8

Volunteers needed for Eagle CoH

Troop: back in the old pre-COVID days, when we had an Eagle CoH, the entire Troop would attend, and some would help with speaking roles. You received the Evite email for registering your attendance… this email is asking for volunteers to help with the ceremony itself. Many of you are possibly out of town on vacation, but if you could sign up here to do a speaking role, we would appreciate it.

June 26-27th - Swim Test

Anyone attending Sinoquipe summer camp or Northern Tier is required to take a swim test. You must either take the test with us (as described in this post), or take it on the first day of camp (not recommended, you'll have to get wet on arrival).
ASM Bushnell will be offering a swim test in her backyard pool on Saturday, June 26th and Sunday, June 27th from 3 to 5 PM. The signups are in 20 minute slots. Only 1 slot is needed per family.

June 8th - Boards of Review

The next Troop 149 Boards of Review (BORs) will be held on Tuesday, June 8th, virtually via Zoom. BORs are brief meetings in which a Scout discusses his rank advancement with three adults from the troop. They are the last step for a scout to advance in rank.

Backpacking Campout June 4-6!

For our last Troop campout of the school year, we'll be going to Marsden Tract campgrounds on June 4-6. This is the same place we backpacked to a couple of years ago, and the same place we were going to have the Webelos recruitment campout in the fall of 2020. We'll camp Friday night, do some Scout skills and try to hike the Billy Goat trail on Saturday, then clean up and pack up on Sunday.

Conservation service project May 22 at Potomac Overlook Regional

Scouts: to add to the Month of Service we're doing in the Troop, we've got a new conservation project offered to us by Potomac Overlook Regional Park (PORP). Please sign up to help the park remove invasive plants. This counts as conservation service hours for those who need them for rank advancement.

In Memoriam: Roland Cuellar

A memorial to an Eagle Scout's father

Eagle Project for Will Gaudian -- May 15 at PORP

Building a bridge in PORP.

Eagle Project for Daniel Gessel -- need help on May 23

Help with a video-based Eagle project

Klondashpro 2021 -- any interest?

Troop: on May 8, the Chain Bridge District is holding an event meant to combine the Klondike Derby, the Alonzo Stagg Hike, and the Projectoree (all three of which have been cancelled for 2021). Dubbed the Klondashpro, there will be hiking (Alonzo Stagg-like) to various stations (Klondike Derby-like), where you either do a Scout skill or a fun activity (Projectoree-like). More info is here at the registration page for the Klondashpro. There is a $25/Scout fee for attending, and we will have to provide senior Scout and adult help to take part.

New Scout Campout 2021

Scouts: our first actual non-virtual real live campout of 2021 is all to welcome our newest Scouts into the Troop 149 family. This campout will be at a close-in location, Lake Fairfax Park in Reston, VA. 

We will get the new Scouts all requirements needed for Scout rank, as well as other advancement if possible.

We'll do our best to provide a virtual experience for those who can't attend or who prefer not to attend. Make plans for camping in your yard if you need the camping nights!


CUMC needs Scout service hours for their Easter service

Scouts: our chartering organization, Cherrydale United Methodist Church (CUMC), would like Scout help for their preparations for Easter Sunday services.


Alonzo Stagg Hike - COVID Style!


Have you ever wanted to do the 50 Mile Alonzo Stagg Hike but felt like you needed more time? Well, this is your year. While there is no formal Alonzo Stagg again this year due to COVID, Troop 149 is going to do our own COVID-style version. 50 miles in 50 days instead of 20 hours.  This will give everyone a chance to experience the entire 50 mile route in preparation for coming back next year and conquering the true 50/20.  We will start at sunrise on Saturday March 13th and you will have until sundown on Sunday May 2nd to finish. This is an excellent opportunity for Scouts to mask up and get out in small groups, with your patrol or with your family.

For Scouts who are interested in earning the Hiking Merit Badge (Eagle rank requires hiking, biking, or swimming merit badge), this is an excellent opportunity to complete several of the hikes required. Remember, like any Merit Badge you need to contact the Merit Badge Counselor (Mrs. Vargas) and request a Blue Card from Mr Vargas before you start the Merit Badge. We'll be handling it electronically via Scoutbook but Mrs. Vargas will still hold an initial meeting for anyone doing the merit badge.

For fun, Troop 149 will develop a web site so we can keep track of everyone's progress. We will also have a contest for most interesting thing spotted each week, so take your camera(phone) and if you come across anything interesting take a picture that you can share at a Troop meeting.  Who knows, if anyone completes 50 total miles while McDonalds is still serving the Shamrock Shake, we might reimburse you for a small shake (a Troop 149 tradition for those finishing the last of the infamous Bluemont Loops).


Family Life Merit Badge Offered (Spring 2021)

The Family Life Merit Badge (eagle required) will be offered this spring. There will be 3 zoom meetings along with independent work.


Sinoquipe 2021--Additional info on program changes and COVID ste

Initial info on how Sinoquipe currently plans to run summer camp.

Sinoquipe Summer Camp 2021

Troop 149 will be returning to Camp Sinoquipe! The dates are July 4-10. Sinoquipe is located about 115 miles from Washington DC and is northeast of Breezewood in Pennsylvania.


Sinoquipe Interest Survey

Scouts and parents: although July is still a ways off, and none of us have any idea how things will be then with respect to COVID cases, interstate travel, or vaccination, we still need to assume that Sinoquipe summer camp (yes, the real thing, not Cyberquipe) will happen this year. (I just heard from the council representative and he puts the odds at 90% opening, but at 70% capacity.) I'll need to know numbers very soon in order to reserve our spot.

February 9th - Boards of Review

The next Troop 149 Boards of Review (BORs) will be held on Monday, October 19th, virtually via Zoom. BORs are brief meetings in which a Scout discusses his rank advancement with three adults from the troop. They are the last step for a scout to advance in rank.

Troop 149 Ugly Sweater Contest and Semi-Virtual Yankee Swap

Troop: the last Troop meeting of every year is usually our holiday celebration, where we have an ugly sweater contest and then do a vicious round of Yankee Northeastern Resident Swap. We are not going to let a measly little pandemic ruin our fun! So this year we will move the contests to Zoom for our December 14th meeting.

CUMC Nativity Scene Assembly

No Permission Slip or Grubmaster Necessary! Help keep a community tradition alive!

This is an annual Troop 149 Service Project supporting our Charter Organization, Cherrydale United Methodist Church. We need your help.

Meet at the yard on the corner of Lorcom Lane and Nelly Custis to put up the Nativity scene for CUMC.
Date: Saturday November 28
Time: 10 AM - Noon

Virtual Merit Badge Weekend 2020

We'll be doing our annual Merit Badge Weekend, but sadly not at Blackburn Cabin. Let's all hope for doing it there in 2021.

In the meantime, we will have a virtual camping and merit badge weekend. Camp if you can in your backyard, on your deck, in your garage, you name it. It will count as a camping night as long as you make your own tent and sleep in it.

Then, on Saturday, we will have two 2-hour sessions, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. We'll offer at least one Eagle merit badge, which will probably require both sessions, and a few non-Eagle badges, which might only take a single session, which means you could get two started. For those who haven't reached first class yet, we will also offer advancement opportunities.


Webelos Recruitment Campout 2020

It is time for our annual camping weekend with the Webelos who are preparing to bridge over to scouts. We won't be at the treehouse site this year, but we'll be doing the same activities!

October 19th - Boards of Review

The next Troop 149 Boards of Review (BORs) will be held on Monday, October 19th, virtually via Zoom. BORs are brief meetings in which a Scout discusses his rank advancement with three adults from the troop. They are the last step for a scout to advance in rank.

Ropes Course Campout 2020

On November 6th and 7th, we will be attending The Adventure Park for our ropes course campout. Scouts will be able to explore the park freely with a buddy on Saturday afternoon.

Eagle Project for Jake O'B - October 10th and 11th.

Service oppertunity on October 10th-11th at Taylor Elementary School.
Any help is appreciated (from scouts, family, and friends!), and this will count as both regular and conservation service hours.

Guns and Arrows 2020 - Sept 26-27


Eagle Scout Project for Peter C -- Raised Garden Beds

July 25 and August 1-2

Eagle Scout Project for John Matuszewski -- Rebuild W-L pitching

June 27th from 11am–3pm

Troop 149 Merit Badge Counselors as of June 2020

Counselors offering all kinds of merit badges!

Boards of Review: June 9, 2020

Last chance for advancement before June Court of Honor!

Troop 149 COVID Food Drive for AFAC

Service to the community during this quarantine period!

2020 Camp Cyberquipe

Virtual Summer Camp from July 12-17. Decide by June 1!

Troop 149 New Scout Virtual Campout, May 15-16 (or 16-17)!

We'll not let a tiny little global pandemic get in the way of advancement, learning new skills, and having fun!

Boards of Review - 4/27

The next Troop 149 Boards of Review (BOR) will be held on Monday, April 27, from 8:00-9:00 PM virtually via Zoom.

Joel Brown Eagle Scout Project

Hi all:

I'm Joel Brown and I've been a member of Pack and Troop 149 since 1st grade. My Eagle Scout Project is to create and install deer cages to prevent deer from eating young plants. My project is on March 7th from 10 am–3 pm at Powhatan Springs Park off of Wilson Blvd. in Arlington...

New Scout Campout 2020

This year's New Scout Campout will be held March 13-15 at our usual New Scout campout location: Drum Point Club in Lusby, MD. Yes, it's that photogenic.

We will focus on helping new Scouts learn some basic camping skills and getting all requirements for Scout rank. Camping skills will include firebuilding, safe use of knives/axes, setting up tents/tarps, cooking, KP and others, as time permits...