Scouts: our chartering organization, Cherrydale United Methodist Church (CUMC), would like Scout help for their preparations for Easter Sunday services.

On Thursday, April 1, at 4PM, they will need Scouts to help move chairs up from the basement to the first floor, as well as those big wheeled chair holders. I don't know how they're going to move the holders but that's for them to determine and for us to do.

I'm assuming they're hoping for good weather and will put the chairs outside, distanced, on Easter Sunday, April 4, for congregants to celebrate. 

Then, on Easter Sunday, April 4, at 4PM, they'll need Scouts to move the chairs and holders back down again to the basement.
  • These are approved Troop service hours for advancement. 
  • Wear masks and social distance as much as practical
  • If for some reason this takes super-quick, please round up to an hour of service minimum
Please sign up, letting us know if you can help Thursday, or Sunday, or both. Also, let us know if you are willing to help lead the project if you are attending (must be First Class or higher).


--Mr V--

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