All: there will be an Eagle Scout Court of Honor on June 12, at 3PM at Cherrydale United Methodist Church in Fellowship Hall.

It will be honoring our Eagle Scouts from the Nuclear Narwhal patrol: Daniel Gessel, Mira Kusel, Ryan Malatesta, Jake O'Brien, and Jonathan Yuhas. The ceremony will begin at 3PM, with refreshments served immediately after.

All Scouts in the Troop who are able to attend are strongly encouraged to attend, so we can honor the Narwhals's achievements. Please arrive at 2:30 latest to help with chair setup, and be prepared (™) to stay after the refreshments to help clean up.

All Scouts should wear FULL Class A uniforms: shirt, bolo, OA or merit badge sash, green shorts or pants, and hiking boots. Dress to impress. I will have bolos for those who don't have one or can't find theirs.

There are speaking roles for Scouts. Please volunteer for one if you can speak loudly and confidently. No memorization required.