For our last Troop campout of the school year, we'll be going to Marsden Tract campgrounds on June 4-6. This is the same place we backpacked to a couple of years ago, and the same place we were going to have the Webelos recruitment campout in the fall of 2020. We'll camp Friday night, do some Scout skills and try to hike the Billy Goat trail on Saturday, then clean up and pack up on Sunday.

(Here's a link to a better dropoff point for hiking to the campground from Carderock parking: )

Dropoff will either be at the Billy Goat Trail C parking lot (0.7 miles to the campground), or if we get enough interest and you have backpacked before, some of you can hike across Chain Bridge and down the canal (8 miles to the campground). 

We will be able to drop off limited amounts of equipment closer to the campground, so if possible, bring a small light tent. As always, if you need a Troop tent, specify in the signup.

As is the standard, COVID precautions will be in effect: masks when not socially distanced, solo tenting, backpacking meals. IDEALLY a bunch of you have portable stoves and/or JetBoils for heating water, so we don't have to lug heavy Troop stoves and pots. Please let us know if you do when you sign up.

There are NO TRASHCANS at Marsden Tract. Each Scout will have to pack out their own trash. Be conservation-minded and try not to generate trash, because you're responsible for it.

Sound good? Great! Hope to see you there.

(And yes, sorry we're not rafting. Hopefully next year.)

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