Troop 149 will have its Merit Badge and Advancement weekend on December 3-5. We will once again be staying at the Blackburn Trail Center cabin located on the Appalachian Trail just outside of Round Hill, VA.  Located on a 150 acre wooded tract, the commercial style kitchen provides two propane gas stoves, refrigerator and freezer, double sinks and two dishwashers. The kitchen is also well stocked with pots, pans and dishes, etc. It has electricity, hot and cold water, and wood burning stoves.

(Note that staying in the Trail Center does NOT count as "camping nights.")

That's what's the same from past years... and here's where we add in some important changes.

Occupancy is limited to 22 people! We've been way over in the past. We must make amends. So that's 20 Scouts, 2 adults. Older Scouts who don't mind tenting, or Scouts who need camping nights for advancement, can camp on the limited camping pads down from the cabin, or in the campground that's up the mountain. But we will have to limit sleeping in the cabin to 20 Scouts. We will skirt the rules and still use the cabin for cooking and meeting.

Due to the unavailability of counselors that can attend the weekend, our merit badge offerings are limited to two:
* First Aid, offered by Dr. Jacqueline Laurin
* Citizenship in Society, offered by Mr. Vargas

First Aid should be taken by anyone who does not have the merit badge, and who is First Class, or has the vast majority of their First Class requirements done.

Citizenship in Society is the new DEI merit badge. It will become an Eagle required badge beginning July 1, 2022! So if you are Star or Life rank, and you do not think you will be done with all your Eagle requirements by (say) early June 2022, you should take this merit badge. It is brand new and will be a learning experience for all of us. Priority will be given to Star and Life Scouts, with First Class optional depending on who signs up for what.

Depending on what people pick, we may offer an optional merit badge, or we might do one with the Citizenship in Society Scouts just to make the day less intense.

IF YOU ARE NOT YET FIRST CLASS, you'll work on advancement. Older Scouts can have the option of helping with advancement if they don't need any of the offered merit badges.

We reserve the right to close registration or cancel merit badges if registrations are too many or too few.

Cost is $35 / attendee. Please pay using the PayPal link.
As always, pay your grubmaster $20 in cash on the Friday we depart. Adults pay their grubmaster $25 cash.
You must also have your signed permission slip (signed by you AND your parent) submitted before departure. Bring to Troop meeting or send to Mr. Vargas

How to sign up

You are considered "attending" if you stay either night or if you are here for Saturday activities.

Parents are strongly encouraged to help drive scouts.

All Scouts, and Adults attending the campout:

Adults who are only driving scouts, but not attending:

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