Some follow-up on how camp will run this year that may affect your decision to attend. Info is from a Zoom meeting held last night. Sinoquipe is adjusting their programs to be COVID-safe while still providing an outdoor Scouting experience. Note that many of these things are subject to change, particularly if Pennsylvania's restrictions loosen by July.

COVID steps:

* Scouts will fill out additional COVID-centric paperwork prior to attending, in addition to the standard BSA med form. 

* Scouts will be asked to monitor their temperatures for the week prior to camp.

* Sinoquipe will not require actual COVID testing. Since you can now get a 3-day turnaround test for no charge (with insurance), our Troop may decide to ask for testing prior to attendance.

* Troops in campgrounds will be considered a "family unit" once in camp. Masks will be required when <12 feet from someone from another campground. No masks while eating or swimming, duh. We can decide as a Troop if we want to wear masks while in camp.

* Temperatures will be taken every morning. Anyone running a temperature will be sent to the med center for evaluation, and no other Scouts will be allowed to leave the campground until it's determined if the temperature is real or temporary. 

* If a case of COVID is confirmed in a campground, that Troop will be required to head home. Camp fees will be refunded on a prorated basis.

* Depending on how many Scouts attend and how they work our campground, we may be able to have one Scout per tent. If not, they are recommending two Scouts per tent sleeping head-to-toe. Or, we are welcome to bring tents.

Program changes due to COVID:

* Unlike past years, merit badge and first-year classes will have one-hour "troop time" breaks in the morning and afternoon, which provides time for disinfecting class areas. The Troop will decide once arriving at camp how we'd like to spend that "troop time"--more merit badges, chilling out, service hours, games, etc. Each Troop will be assigned a staff member to help coordinate "troop time" throughout the week.

* Merit badges will emphasize OUTDOOR activities as all merit badges will be offered outdoors. Indoor areas like the Tech Center will be closed.

* Meals will be grab and go. They will be picked up at the dining hall but will be eaten outdoors in designated areas for our Troop (under a tent or in a pavilion). 

* No open activities, in particular no open swim at the pool or lakefront. Instead, each campground will get a scheduled time for pool or lakefront or ranges.

* No Friday night visitors, no Potomac dancers. Snif. They will still try to do a distanced closing campfire.

* Adults attending camp must be registered Scouters. We can still "tag out" if adults need to split the week.

* Spirit Day becomes Spirit Evenings -- spirit activities run throughout the week during the evening.

I think those are the highlights as they stand thus far, but as always please feel free to email me with additional questions (which I may have to defer until the next Sinoquipe meeting).

--Mr V--