The second campout of the 2021-22 Scouting year will be a Canopy Tour / Via Ferrata campout located in the Potomac Highlands in West Virginia.  Canopy Tours will have you zip lining through 12 zip lines as long as 680 feet in length, and 80 feet in the air, 3 sky bridges and a 40 foot rappel.  Via Ferrata offers a mile of fixed-anchor, professionally-guided rock climbing. During this 3.5-5 hour climb you’ll gain 1085 feet in elevation, cross a suspension bridge that is 150 feet high and 200 feet long, and reach exposed heights of 280 feet. 

It will be held October 8 - 10 at NROCKS Outdoor Adventure, Circleville, WV . The drive-time to the campground at NROCKS is about three hours from church with no traffic.

  • There WILL be carpooling, so parents, be prepared to sign up to drive Scouts and/or camp
  • Bring your own tent. If you need a troop tent, let us know in the signup form
  • Solo tenting again unless you and a sibling want to tent (highly encouraged because of space limitations)
  • Parent drivers/attendees and Scouts MUST provide proof of vaccination OR a negative COVID test taken no earlier than October 6, 2021 (the Wednesday before the campout). Barring further guidance from BSA National, CUMC, or the Troop Committee, this is how we will be handling it
  • We will be masking when we can not be socially distant. Thanks, delta variant!
  • We will be camping at NROCKS campgrounds
  • Our parent coordinator, Hanna Eun (, will be collecting the standard BSA forms as well as a canopy tour or via ferrata waiver (see below)
  • Deadline to sign up has been moved up one week and one day  - Sunday, September 26, 6pm, no exceptions will be made
  • Once signed up, you are on the hook to pay for the trip, no exceptions will be made
  • When signing up, please abide by the age and weight limit, no exceptions will be made per NROCKS
    • Canopy Tour:  No age limit, must weigh at least 70 lbs but no more than 250 lbs
    • Via Ferrata: Must be age 13 and over, must weigh at least 88 lbs but no more than 265 lbs 
  • There is a maximum of 15 participants for canopy tour and maximum of 15 participants for via ferrata, first come first serve Camping capacity is 30 people (regardless of participation) - and it will be tight to fit everyone
Sign-up Deadline: Sunday, September 26, 6:00pm

If you are a scout or adult attending the campout:

If you are an adult driving to the campout but not attending:

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