Hi Everyone,

Troop 149 has scheduled a food drive with AFAC for collection and delivery on Saturday June 6.  We've made some adjustments to the process we had discussed at the Troop meeting with the intent of making it easier for lots of Scouts to participate and maintain social distancing at the same time.  This process will look similar to Scouting for Food (for those of you who've been in the Troop a while), but please read the instructions as there are some changes!  Here's the plan:
  • Sign-up online so we can gauge how many Scouts are participating and get an idea of how much food we may collect.
  • Determine how many streets/houses in your neighborhood you'd like to distribute flyers to (you won't be assigned a specific area). I'd recommend distributing to at least 2 or 3 blocks worth of homes, but it's entirely up to you. The more homes you distribute flyers to, the more donations you can pick up, but keep in mind you'll need to pick up donations during a 2 hour window on June 6, so don't over-commit yourself!  Also, if you live near another Scout in our Troop, please reach out to that Scout so you can coordinate which streets you both want to be responsible for.  We don't want to double up on houses!
  • Customize (first name, last initial) and print out copies of the AFAC flyer linked here.  Print out the number of copies you need based on your intended route.
  • On Saturday May 30, wear your Scout uniform and distribute your flyers between 8:00–10:00am.  Why do you need to wear your uniform?  If they see you, it will let people know you're in Scouts BSA and there's a good reason you're at their house!  Why between 8:00–10:00am?  If we all distribute at the same time, we'll see flyers at houses another Scout has already been to (hopefully that won't happen if everyone communicates with each other, but just in case).
  • No need to ring doorbells or knock on doors—all you need to do is roll up the flyer and put it in the door handle or in the screen door. It's that simple!
  • One week later, on Saturday June 6 between 8:00–10:00am, with your parent driving along to help you, go back along your route and pick up any food neighbors have left on their porches for you.  If you like, wear disposable gloves during collection.  Put the bags in the back of your parent's car and when you're all done collecting, bring the bags to the CUMC parking lot. Drop them off between 10:00– f11:00am. You're all finished! 
A few other items for consideration:
  • Aside from helping our community and the good you'll be doing, don't forget you can count the volunteer hours you spend working on this food drive towards advancement, so keep track! Record your service hours in the back of your Scout book. Your parents can initial these hours as being completed.
  • In addition to distributing flyers, feel free to reach out to your friends and neighbors and let them know Troop 149 is collecting food.  That way if they don't get a flyer on their door, they can still drop canned goods at the parking lot of CUMC between 10:00–11:00 on Saturday June 6.
One last request--I will need at least one other Scout/parent combo to assist with loading the food donations into the trailer once the food arrives at the church parking lot between 10:00-11:00 on Saturday.  Let me know if interested!

Daniel Pierson
ASM, Troop 149