Hey Troop 149, It’s me, Noah Reiner. I have been a member of Pack and Troop 149 since 3rd grade. I am working on my Eagle Scout Project, and I will be having it on Saturday, August 7 to Sunday, August 8. I would appreciate it if anyone could come out and help me with my project.

I will be building a triple bin compost bin at my church for Plot Against Hunger (Programs of Friends of Urban Agriculture). Once the compost has a place to go, the compost will be used in the 150 square foot Plot Against Hunger garden beds. It produces about 300 pounds of food annually, which is donated to FOUA (Friends of Urban Agriculture). This compost bin will triple the amount of composting space.

There will be two shifts from 10am-12pm, and 12-2pm. If we need the Sunday as an extra workday, there will only be one shift from 12-2, due to outdoor worship service at my church. Drinks and Lunch will be provided, but please bring a water bottle with you. I don’t expect to have to need August 8, as a work date, but just in case I do, I have it. If the weather does not cooperate on the planned days, I will reschedule to the weekend after (August 14-15) only if necessary.

If you have a cordless drill, a socket wrench set, and wire cutters, those tools would be helpful to bring for this project.


First Presbyterian Church
601 N. Vermont St. 
Arlington, VA 22203


And for COVID-19:

Now that restrictions have ended, COVID-19 is honestly at your own risk. You are more than welcome to wear a mask while working, but you are not required to. Unvaccinated scouts are encouraged to wear a mask, but again, not required. There is also no limit as for how many people can sign up for one shift. However; my church does still require masks when inside the church (even for vaccinated people), so if you need the restroom during our work time, have a mask with you just in case. Of course we will have spare masks and hand sanitizer for people that would like to use them.