Scouts and Parents: I just realized that, traditionally, we offer a trip to the Summit High Adventure camp in the same year that Seabase is offered. That would be 2023!

We've done this in the past since the Seabase trip is in the spring, and the Summit trip would be in the summer. Plus the Summit trip is somewhat less expensive since we can drive there. Summit adventures are around $1000 for a week. However, we don't have to go the same year if that would be a problem. Right now, we're only gauging interest in a trip to the Summit, not any commitment.

To find out more about the programs offered, go to the Summit High Adventure page and scroll down to "Our High Adventure Experience Options" -- if you look around and have an opinion of what you'd prefer to do, please let us know in the survey below.

Parents, if you are interested in attending, please reply as well, including which program you'd prefer to do.
Please reply by end of month, March 31. Thanks.

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