Scouts and parents: although July is still a ways off, and none of us have any idea how things will be then with respect to COVID cases, interstate travel, or vaccination, we still need to assume that Sinoquipe summer camp (yes, the real thing, not Cyberquipe) will happen this year. (I just heard from the council representative and he puts the odds at 90% opening, but at 70% capacity.) I'll need to know numbers very soon in order to reserve our spot.

So, please use this form, both Scouts and parents, to express your interest in attending summer camp. Dates would be July 4-10. We would need at least one other registered Scout parent to attend (one other than me). Normally we'd be able to split the week with two non-registered parents but I'm not sure they'll allow that extra exposure. You'll know you're registered

This is non-binding right now, but eventually we'll need a deposit. Assume slightly more than last time we camped, which was $438 per Scout.

Only use the form if you're interested in attending. If you are not interested, don't reply.


--Mr V--

Submit the form here