We recently got a note from the caretaker of Blackburn Trail Center that the Potomac Area Trail Club (PATC) is holding a fundraiser to raise $8,000 for a new multi-burner stove, as their old stove was damaged in the past year or two.

As long-time users of Blackburn Trail Center for our December Merit Badge Campout, we thought it would be good to do a fundraiser to help with their goal.

Then, fortunately for us, ASM Chris Mixter said "hey, I have a ton of wood that needs splitting, I'm happy to donate if the Scouts will come split it." ASM Steve Gerard also has wood to chop. And as I know from past campouts and summer camp, for some unknown reason, Scouts loooooove to chop wood.

So, on April 16, sometime in the afternoon, let's converge on the houses of ASMs Mixter and Gerard and chop wood! (Only Scouts that have received the Totin Chip will be able to chop wood--if you want to attend, we will find other tasks for you). More details as the day approaches.

Please sign up! Yes, these are service hours: we are providing a service to the neighborhood as well as PATC and Blackburn Trail Center