This November, we will hold our annual Treehouse Campout (but at a different location due to COVID)


It is time for our annual camping weekend with the Webelos who are preparing to bridge over to scouts. This year we will have a bit of a different adventure than other years. We hope that we are able to return to the treehouse site next year!
We can make this a 2 night trip for those that are interested. If you can only do one night or just the day Saturday that is fine too. Webelos will be coming for Saturday night only.

Saturday morning we will meet the Webelos den at the parking area at 9am to hike to the campsite. If you are coming for the day Saturday or only to spend the night Saturday you will met us there at 9am Saturday morning as well. There will be some hiking, some free time and some stations set up by the Scouts from Troop 149 to let the Webelos practice some of what they will learn after they bridge up. Hopefully we will enjoy a campfire to close out the day. Sunday morning you will break camp, clean up the campsite, eat a quick breakfast and then walk back to the parking lot to meet your ride to head home. Time TBD but probably plan to be back at the parking lot no later than 9am.

Where & When

We will be camping at the Marsden Tract camping area (we're not actually at the treehouses this year) located between the Potomac River and the C&O Canal Towpath just over the bridge in Maryland.
We will meet at the Carderock Recreation area and walk 1 mile to our campsite-Pack accordingly.

Drop off Times:

Meet at Carderock Rec Area at 5pm on Friday Nov 20.

Those scouts coming just for the day OR Saturday night only meet at the Carderock Rec Area at 9am on Saturday Nov 21 no later than 9am.

Pick up Times:

Those who are only staying Friday night or not camping will be picked up at 5PM Saturday evening
Those camping Saturday night will be picked up ~9am (maybe earlier depending on how quickly we pack up).

$20.60 per person - This covers the campsite, water and wood for a fire.

COVID Precautions
  • Masks will be work at all times except when eating/drinking or in your tent
  • Social distancing is expected for all
  • Each scout will have their own tent-If you have one please indicate on the sign up and bring it. If you need one that is fine too
  • No carpooling-each family needs to drive separately
  • We are not able to prepare meals like we have in the past. EACH family/scout will need to bring all of their own food-backpacking style. We will have plenty of hot water available for those delish freeze dried meals but no additional cooking is allowed. We will have stoves and pots to boil water. If you want to bring your own backpacking stove that is fine.

Other Notes

  • Pack lightly-you will be carrying your bag 1 mile. Warmly too because it is late in November.
  • Bring a bag dinner for Friday evening, backpacking type food for Saturday/Sunday am.
  • Bring your own tent if you have one. Troop tents are 1st come 1st served. Please indicate on the sign up if you are bringing your own tent.
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